Why your smartphone needs a phone screen protector

Branded smartphones cost big bucks; more the reason to protect them. Chances are you want to keep your new smartphone in pristine condition after the hefty sum invested.

A phone screen protector offers an extra protection layer to keep your smartphone in pristine condition. Opting to spend a bit more on a phone accessory like a phone screen protector as protection is smart.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you opt for a phone screen protector. Here’s why:

Protection from wear and tear

While the newest smartphone models come with scratch-resistant glass protection, scratch-proof they are not. A phone screen protector made of sapphire provides extra protection like no other.

The thicker glass of sapphire phone protectors provides smartphones an extra layer of protection from common scratches such as keys in the pocket. The screen is unlikely to break when you accidentally drop your phone.

You gain a mirror

While gaining a mirror when the screen of the smartphone is off is not a direct benefit to the phone, it can be quite helpful to you. It’s a side benefit that might help you, one way or the other.

Lessen eye strain

The best way to lessen the glare of your smartphone is to choose matte-finish screen protectors. Screen protectors using AR or anti-reflective protectors are the ones to go for. This type of screen protector provides fewer glares with their light- bending action.

Sunlight and the light from the smartphone itself can produce light glares that can cause eye strain. Screen visibility improves with the light cancellation feature of anti-reflective screen protectors. Squinting to see the screen decreases with the help of anti-reflective screen protectors.


Your privacy is assured when you choose screen protectors with tint coating. The tint coating makes the screen visible only to the person in front of it. A tinted screen is the only thing seen when viewed from a different angle. Prying eyes don’t have a chance to see what you are viewing with the privacy protection of tint-coated screen protectors.

Maintains the tip-top condition of the phone

Many smartphone owners eventually want to upgrade their phones for newer models. However, the value of the old phone can diminish with even the tiniest speck or scratch. A screen protector maintains the tip-top condition of any smartphone. This makes even an old phone look pristine, giving it a good resale value.

Dirt protection

Bacteria are likely to proliferate in smartphones. The constant use of the phone makes it a good breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Ridding the screen of the phone is by using screen protectors with embedded antimicrobial elements.

Constant use of the phone can make it dusty and dirty. Screen protectors with surface coatings are the best options to protect your phone from dust and the natural oils of your fingers.

Water can also be prevented from doing damage to your phone when you opt for screen protectors with a hydrophobic coating.

Investing in a smartphone can set you back. It follows that using screen protectors to keep the phone pristine is smart. While using screen protectors for smartphones has received its share of contentions, the benefits they bring are undeniable. Using screen protectors offers a sweet deal when it comes to convenience, protection, and comfort. order your phone screen protector. Order your phone screen protector ASAP!

Managed IT Services Melbourne

It is common knowledge that in the modern technological era, a reliable IT department is a must for any business that wishes to succeed. This narrows it down to all businesses. Whether you run a small business or a large international corporation or franchise, the need for a digital presence is inevitable. During the growth of the company, it reaches a point where running your own IT department is no longer the best option. This could be due to the stretch of your HR department, lack of skilled expertise to handle the more demanding IT services or increase in the cost of running the IT department. In such a predicament, you should look for the services of a managed IT services provider.

When do you need a managed IT service provider?

You should perform a total cost analysis to determine how much you are already paying for your IT services. In this calculation, you should include the low productivity that is as a result of the inadequate in-house IT services and cost of downtimes that comes along with such personnel.

You should add the amount you pay your IT staff and the loss of revenue you incur over a period – let’s say a month, and compare with the fees you would pay a managed IT services provider. The efficiency and effectiveness of the services of a managed IT service provider always favours them in comparison to in-house IT staff.

It should not get to the point when your resources are all stretched out for you to look managed IT services. Whether your business is new, in the process of growing or have any growth plans in place, you should incorporate the services of managed IT providers as early as possible. There are a lot of benefits which managed IT services providers offer to businesses that want to fast track their growth.

Benefits of managed IT services

  • Get access to highly trained and experienced professionals. Managed IT services for Melbourne business by IT Grade are specialised in their field and gain experience over the years because they provide IT solutions for numerous businesses. When you hire a managed IT provider, you get access to a full team of experts who can handle any IT problem that may arise. You get access to a virtual CIO, an IT manager who takes care of your customer support services and other dedicated support staff.
  • Focus on other aspects of your business. One of the reasons your business is not doing so well could be a problem in your IT department. Lack of a specialised IT department should not hinder you from opening or expanding your business. Therefore, you should leave these services to IT specialists while you divert your time and resources to other aspects of the company that you are best suited for.
  • Managed IT services help with long-term strategic planning of your IT department. Excellent managed IT service providers align their services with the goals of their clients. They not only prevent, reduce and solve the IT problems of your business; they also help you to plan ahead. When you share your company’s growth plan with the managed IT services providers, they can advise you on what infrastructure, software and other IT resources would work best for you. They will suggest on which IT security features are relevant in your field to ensure that your infrastructure is always updated to avoid any system downtimes, viruses or malware attacks.

Reasons to go for Managed IT Support Melbourne

Managed IT Services has been around. Yet, many organizations and businesses in Australia, particularly Melbourne solely entrust their technology to their in-house IT teams.

That scenario seems to be changing, based on a recent research study. Trending right now are businesses that have seen the value of outsourcing their IT needs.

Some of the popular technical services being outsourced to Managed IT Support in Melbourne include:

  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Networks monitoring
  • Email hosting
  • CRM applications and data storage
  • Recovery and backup

Benefits gained from Managed IT Support in Melbourne

The power of MSP or managed services provider should be harnessed if you’re an administrator or business owner. The success of your organization is maximised with the following benefits MSP, to include:

Reduction of employee downtime

One of the serious productivity problems that almost all companies have experienced is system downtime. IT issues or internet failure results in employee downtime as well. This gives them all the time to wander around while being paid. That’s lost income that any business can’t manage to spend.

Outsourcing the services of Managed IT Support means 365/24/7 network monitoring. Downtime is avoided with the proactive and constant monitoring of the company’s network.

Efficient management of business

Email issues and server crashes restrict the efficient running of a business. Technical work involved in network maintenance, web and email hosting, server, and data storage can bog down your business from day to day.

Outsourcing these technical issues to Managed IT Support prevents glitches from happening to the business. Smooth and efficient business operations become the norm rather than the form in the presence of an excellent IT provider.

Gain the expertise of established Managed IT Service

A larger team of expert Managed IT Service brings numerous benefits. Help with all the technical issues will always be there any time of the day. It also means big savings for the business when adding in-house IT personnel is avoided.


Business budgets can be ruined when unexpected costs such as system failure and computer breaks happen. A regular contract with Managed IT Service means regular maintenance of the systems of the business. This avoids service costs that can unexpectedly pop up when you least expect it.

Advice about future system upgrades is also part of the deal with Managed IT Service. This means making smart decisions about future technology rather than being surprised about unexpected expenditures.

Business security

Sensitive data is part of any business. This includes customer records, personnel files, and financial data. Cybercriminals and hackers are threats to the sensitive files of business. Natural disasters, hardware failure, and human error also compromise a company’s security data.

One way to stay a step ahead of all these threats is to utilize the services of Managed IT professionals. They will serve as your watchdogs for any security threats and breaches.

Expert Managed IT professionals are there to customise the security plans specific to the needs of the business.


Does your business need the services of managed IT professionals? Do you think that your company has lately been experiencing system downtime and spend too much on troubleshooting technical glitches? Is the security data of your company compromised or threatened? If you are now convinced why you need managed IT support, it is now time to search for the best IT company in your area.

Welcome to MS Communities

MS Communities (MSC) was established to promote Microsoft technologies and grow skills within the community of Microsoft users and practitioners.  MSC’s primary role is to help members create personal and business growth through the improved use of Microsoft technologies.

It is a voluntary organisation, resourced entirely by passionate members of the wider Microsoft user community and funded through sponsorship from Microsoft and other organisations.

MS Communities AGM

A date has been set for the MS Communities summit and AGM – it will be held on Saturday 8th September in the Microsoft Office at Level 5/22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, starting at lunchtime (exact time to be decided).

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